ELCA Trend Award 2018

The ELCA Trend Award is awarded to a project that meets the highest professional level in the green trade.

Special attention is given to sustainability and maintenance.

4 Landscape Contractors have been selected by Branchevereniging VHG as a company to bring their sustainable project in the spotlight and to profile it as trendsetting in the green trade in the Netherlands and in Europe.

The jury of the ELCA Trend Award 2018 is the ELCA Board: Emmanuel Mony (President – Chairman, France), Lutze von Wurmb (Vice-President, Germany), Neil Huck (Vice-President, United Kingdom), Henrik Bos (Vice-President and Chairmen of the Committee of Firms, Finland). They are supported from the Netherlands by VHG President Rien van der Spek and Vice-President Robert Smid. The jury has attached a great deal of importance to details and to where the green professional has gone further than prescribed according to the assignment. In addition to the realization of the project and the quality, the jury also looked at how trendsetting the project is and if it can serve as an example of innovation in the green trade.

The announcement of the winner will take place at the award ceremony on 12 September 2018 at GaLaBau.

BTL: De Groenzoom
The jury was taken on a walking tour through the added value of nature in a Dutch nature conservation and recreation area. The values that come to its full right here such as developing high quality nature, stimulate sustainable local involvement, sustainable organisation, multidisciplinary teams composed of site managers and ecologists, develop a sustainability maintenance plan and obtain a sustainable use for everyone. A trend to convert future challenges into green projects is set.

Donkergroen: Circl
The jury discovered step by step a very successful project to make a public garden that is 100 % circular, renewable and with respect for nature. The objective to offer a garden with working places to office workers is fantastically integrated in the total green concept. The bar for circularity is raised with special attention to sustainability and maintenance. With the added value of green that offers solutions like heat stress, flooding and health problems.

Herman Vaessen BV: Green Dream, Ecological Company Garden
The jury confirmed with inspired enthusiasm that this is one of the most sustainable offices. Sustainable building materials, energy-neutral and a garden where nature experience and biodiversity are paramount. Land use and ecology by the creation of ecological added value, the use of sustainable materials and the taking of design measures for the sustainable co-use of plant and animal species is visible and tangible in the professional trends that determine the realization.

Koninklijke Ginkel groep: De Knoop
The jury completely allowed itself to be embraced by De Knoop trend project. The integral knowledge of green to inspire and attribute to the developing of a green building and outdoor space with quality appearance, required maintenance and replacement costs of ownership. And, in addition, the green house with circularity and sustainability by green solutions as a green façade for indoor climate, trees as a natural sun screen and a vegetables and herb garden with recuperation of rainwater and energy.

Foto Henk Snaterse: The ELCA jury visits the four nominated Dutch projects.