Survey - Umfrage - Enquête


This survey is not an operational analysis and does not aim to deeply understand the reality of your business. Our objective is firstly to understand the effects of the COVID 19 crisis on your situation at this difficult time and secondly to learn how the national associations and the ELCA can better support you in the future.

The survey will be online via the pop-up on the ELCA website from Monday May 11 to Monday June 1, 2020. It is also possible to complete the survey via the link LINK_Professional Green Sector Survey – Umfrage – Enquête. Please share this link as much as possible with colleagues so that we can gather the widest possible image of the sector.

We sincerely thank you for your cooperation and will inform you in detail of the result after consultation and analysis with the national associations.


Diese Umfrage ist keine operative Analyse und zielt nicht darauf ab, die Realität Ihres Unternehmens tief zu verstehen. Unser Ziel ist es, erstens die Auswirkungen der COVID 19-Krise auf Ihre Situation in dieser schwierigen Zeit zu verstehen und zweitens zu erfahren, wie die nationalen Verbände und die ELCA Sie in Zukunft noch besser unterstützen können.

Die Umfrage wird vom Montag, den 11. Mai bis Montag, den 1. Juni 2020 über unsere Website pop-up online sein. Es ist auch möglich, die Umfrage auszufüllen über den Link LINK_Professional Green Sector Survey – Umfrage – Enquête. Bitte teilen Sie diesen Link auch so weit wie möglich mit allen Kollegen, damit wir ein möglichst breites Bild der Branche erhalten.

Wir bedanken uns herzlich für Ihre Mitarbeit und werden Sie nach Rücksprache und Analyse mit den Landesverbänden ausführlich über das Ergebnis informieren.


Cette enquête n'est pas une analyse opérationnelle et n'a pas pour objectif de saisir en profondeur la réalité de votre entreprise. Notre objectif est d'une part de comprendre les effets de la crise COVID 19 sur votre situation à ce moment difficile et d'autre part d'apprendre comment les associations nationales et l'ELCA peuvent encore mieux vous soutenir dans le futur.

L'enquête sera en ligne via le pop-up sur notre site Web du lundi 11 mai au lundi 1 juin  2020. Il est également possible de compléter l'enquête via le lien LINK_Professional Green Sector Survey – Umfrage – Enquête. Merci de partager ce lien autant que possible avec tous vos collègues afin que nous puissions rassembler l'image la plus large possible du secteur.

Nous vous remercions sincèrement pour votre coopération et vous informerons en détail du résultat après consultation et analyse avec les associations nationaux.

EU Green Week 2020


Coronavirus - COVID-19

“Our principal priority is the health, safety and wellbeing of our speakers, moderators, exhibitors and participants, and so we have been monitoring the situation concerning the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak constantly. Due to the current situation and the uncertainties about how long it may continue, it has been decided that EU Green Week 2020 will not take place in June as originally foreseen. A decision on whether to postpone, restructure or cancel the event will be taken as soon as possible. More information will be published as soon as it is available.”

Dear Colleagues,

No EU Green Week in June. We are in contact with the organization and will continue to follow-up the official website.

We will also keep you permanently informed of the opportunities that the future still offers us for the EU Green Week in 2020. Who knows where can we put our living green...

In this difficult global COVID-19 outbreak, we need to work together more than ever. Take care of your health, that of your family, colleagues and environment.

The economic health of our companies is also important in this Corona crisis. So success and the very best with the new entrepreneurship.


All around the globe, biodiversity is disappearing as a result of unsustainable human activities. This loss is closely connected to climate change, and the combined effect of this unprecedented crisis is disrupting the ecosystems that support life on Earth and provide vital services to our society. It has devastating consequences for human health and well-being. While the situation is extremely serious, there is still hope. Solutions exist, but they require deep and transformative changes in the way we produce, consume and trade.

EU Green Week will put the spotlight on biodiversity, in the context of this broader ecological crisis. It will call for urgent action, explore possible pathways for change, and examine how a range of EU policies like the European Green Deal can help protect, restore and sustainably manage nature, leaving room for it to recover and thrive.

The programme of the EU Green Week conference in Brussels will include a series of sessions dedicated to the evaluation of the EU Biodiversity Strategy to 2020. Emerging findings from the evaluation support study will be shared, giving the stakeholder community an opportunity to react, share views and experiences, and to discuss the achievements, factors of success, barriers to implementation as well as progress towards the targets. This input will be taken into consideration in the finalisation of the evaluation support study.




An important international project for European partners in the green sectors

European Green Mastery: comparison and development of skills and competences in the green sectors, EQF levels 2-6, through learning outcome based qualifications.

The green sectors cover a broad range of occupations from floristry and green production into gardening and landscaping. The emerging effects of climate change, the restructuring of retail and a diversity of new approaches to design, development and delivery of green services are all challenging the involved companies – usually small and medium sizes enterprises – as well as training providers and certification organizations. With the rapid development in “environmental changes”, both in direct physical climate conditions as well as in a business perspective, the requirements for entrepreneurship, new operational modes and technical and technological adaptations documents the need for the present Green Mastery project.

European Green Mastery is a Sector Skill Alliances project, and works to compare and develop the skills, knowledge and competences in floristry, gardening and landscaping. The qualifications needed for these occupations EQF levels 2 through 6 in all of the partner countries are collected. This ambitious work gives us the opportunity to assess the content and levels of the occupations in the partner countries. One of the operational characteristics of the green sector is the mix of formal, non- and informal learning picked up and aggregated through life. For this reason, a special attention will be given to how these experiences can be assessed, validated and recognized regardless of learning pathway and being matched with the qualification definitions expressed in the matrices.

After the initial assessments, our goal is to update the content of the qualifications. By fusing together new content with state-of-the-art technology like VR and AR, we aim to change the way these occupations are being taught. This will better prepare the students to an ever-changing job reality.

The multilingual options in the Skills bank tool will make the individual attainments, competence profiles and certifications available in several languages.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.