EU Green Week - A greener environment with ELCA

ELCA is present at the EU Green Week 15-17 May 2019

“A greener environment with ELCA”

The green sector is working on a green and liveable Europe

ELCA – The European Landscape Contractors Association, is a European platform for landscape professionals. We work on the design, construction and maintenance of gardens, public green spaces and building-related green spaces.

Our society is facing the green issues as the climate change, health care and circular economy. Landscape professionals are the executors of the professional deployment of nature-based solutions.

With the ELCA stand of green infrastructure we propose a series of green solutions: buildings with green roofs and green walls - infrastructures of sustainability in construction and maintenance - liveable gardens and parks with beautiful and edible greenery - implementation of biodiversity and waste management.

Green structures to improve our quality of life with good physical and mental health, pure air and clear water in harmony with the environment of all animals and natural elements.

ELCA stand - A greener environment with ELCA

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