Nature Restoration as main theme during annual meeting with Norwegian colleagues

Nature Restoration as main theme during annual meeting Norwegian colleagues

NAML, our ELCA national member in Norway, organized on March 8th and 9th their annual meeting conference in Narvik. Nearly 70 participants joined a very interesting two-day meeting in which Nature Restoration was the main theme.

Nature Restoration is a very actual topic. NAML composed a list of very inspiring speakers to share their thoughts and experiences.

Aksel Mjøs, head of the Natural Risk Committee, explained for example the challenges that enhance nature restoration and what it will mean for the landscape an gardening branch.

Nature restoration and the landscaping industry from a biologist’s point of view, was the key note of Christian Steel of Sabima.

Lastly, Olga Hilmo gave an introduction about the Species Data Bank and the practical use of this innovative species list.

If you might be interested in their presentations: view the links below:

ELCA secretary general Egbert Roozen gave an online presentation about the actual status on the EU Nature Restoration Law and provided some highlights of the whitepaper on greening cities in view of the upcoming European elections.

Although Norway is not a member of the European Union, there are a lot of similarities in policymaking and actions on climate change and biodiversity loss.

Egbert expressed his high appreciation to our Norwegian colleagues for this high-level conference and thanked them for the opportunity to contribute to the program with a presentation on behalf of ELCA.