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On the level of the ELCA member associations                                         

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For your exchange to succeed and your goal(s) would be understandable for the host association you need to compile and send us your cover letter.

Cover letter

The purpose of a cover letter is to get to know why this exchange is valuable for your and host association.  It should be clear, concise and straight to the point. Down below are some points which will help you to write the cover letter:

  • provide a little information about your association
  • what is your association goal(s) to go abroad and participate in the exchange
  • what your association have to offer and why host association should host you
  • have the most up-to-date information about your association`s activities
  • highlight what you specialize in
  • add also dates, when you want to go abroad and how long you want to stay there
  • your expectations for host association (accommodation, transport etc.)

Before you mail the cover letter, read it over again.  Special attention should be placed to ensure the letter: it is not too long, there are no grammar or spelling errors and the layout should be written in a formal style and correctly.

Implementing a Mobility Strategy

1. Preparation


Who is involved

Selecting of participants

ELCA, sending partner

Cultural and language preparation

Participant, sending partner, ELCA

Creating a cover letter


Setting the goals of mobility.

Participant, sending partner, ELCA

Organizing the trip (tickets, insurance, accommodation, etc.)

Participant, sending partner, host partner, ELCA


2. Implementing

Becoming accustomed and getting to know the host association

Participant, host company

Getting experiences in the host association

Participant, host company

Being involved in the local culture

Participant, host company

Reporting to sending association about the working process and outcomes



3. Completion

Assessing the outcomes of goals

Participant, host company, ELCA


Host company, ELCA

Report to the sending association


Have a successful experience and make the best of it!