Exchange between companies

Would you like to gain great international experience, expand your networks, develop your skills, experience and understand different cultures?

If your answer is yes, then let us congratulate you. You are in the right place.

Let`s make this exchange program the best experience of your life.

We will help you to set your goals, overcome your fear and support you on this journey.

Exchange Team

Introduction     Deutscher text Einleitung     Texte français Introduction

The exchange between companies is intended for the companies members of the ELCA-Committee of Firms and for the ELCA members` associations.


  • On the level of the employees of the company member of the ELCA-Committee of Firms in order to facilitate the exchange of experience and good practice.
  • On the level of the owners of the companies member of the Committee of Firms. This exchange of knowledge and know-how is organized within exchange clubs.
  • On the level of the ELCA member associations to exchange best practices of the association work. Meeting with member associations on an annual basis to improve contact, in their country or meetings.


To participate in the exchange between companies you have to have a clear goal for what you want to experience.

If you need personal guidance to phrase your goal(s), then contact us

Which level you would like to have your exchange, please follow the link below: