VHG interview ELCA President Henrik Bos

Figurehead Henrik Bos, President of ELCA

“Green has no borders”

Figureheads green sector

VHG collects ‘figureheads’: people who have a special significance for the green sector. Because of their profession, experience, expertise, vision or special activities they contribute significantly to the value of green in our society. We would like to share their insights and ideas with VHG members. We hope their stories will be able to inspire and add to our theme ‘green makes for happiness’. In the first issue of this year, we speak with Henrik Bos, president of ELCA, the European umbrella organization of which VHG is a member.

More info: Henrik Bos_ELCA President_VHG_EN 

The VHG press article in Dutch - in het nederlands: 12269-VHGMagazine 2021-Boegbeeldinterview