ELCA Committee of Firms Online conference
Excursion, 13/11/2020

Sustainable landscape construction - Emilia Weckman

Sustainable landscape construction

Emilia Weckman

Friday 13 November 2020

9:00 AM – 10:00 AM (Brussels time)


Topic - Operating model for landscape industries (KESY)

  • The purpose of KESY is to design, build and maintain the environment in such a way as to avoid, reduce, compensate or prevent the negative effects of construction.

  • The operating model presents the operating principles of environmental construction in accordance with sustainable development in five different themes:

Water conditions

Soil and vegetation

Raw ingredients, materials and products

Energy saving, air quality and environmental protection

Health and well-being

The lecture by Finnish landscape architect Emilia Weckman, lecturer at the Aalto-University and the manager for the KESY project will introduce the process of developing the model and its contents in general.

The main organisation dealing with urban and rural landscape management, The Finnish Association of Landscape Industries, launched the Sustainable Landscape Construction (KESY) project in 2015. The KESY framework provides guidelines how to achieve sustainable development in the green sector. The framework was completed in 2018. Thereafter, it has been introduced in practical guidelines and working life.